Duncan Outdoor 
Mulch, Bed and More...
  Duncan Outdoor can provide all your maintenance needs for your mulch beds. Our maintenance service includes removing weeds, unwanted plants and debris from your mulch beds and a seasonal application of fresh mulch. Mulch not only restores your landscape's beauty but can keep shrubs and flower beds healthy and attractive. Retains moisture and helps prevents weeds, as well as insulating plants from temperature extremes. 

  A well balanced combination of plants and architectural features will make your property look beautiful. Built to last. We use paving stones, flagstones, boulders, blocks and gravel of the best quality.

  • Driveways - Gravel, Renovations & Repairs
  • Walkways / Entryways
  • Patios
  • Perennial and Annual Gardens
  • Lawns, sod and seed
  • Planting & Plant Selection
  • Landscaped Beds
  • Beaches, sand
  • Outdoor Fireplaces


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